uTraxx.print is a uTraxx.ERP extension for the printing industry, providing fully automated estimates, by identifying the best production path per order quantity, with real-time cost evaluation.

Automated Estimates

This extension proposes the best production path for each quantity by automatically launching and estimating process paths, performing imposition, taking cost center usage and materials into account. Automatic estimates are suitable for commercial printing, packaging and label printing, as well as prepress and finishing.

Production Control

The production information is constantly updated with information from Scheduling, task management and JDF/JMF. The production progress is traceable in real time. The customer can be integrated into the process via web portal.


Products are stored as semi-finished or finished products. The delivery process is staggered immediately, by call-off, or due-date. Any number of products or delivery addresses per order are supported.

Costing / Invoicing

Actual costs are collected by remote date collection (RDC) and are transparently provided during invoicing. Deliveries can be grouped into collective invoices. All production, delivery and invoice data serve as base for customizable statistics.