Process Control

The vision of Industry 4.0 focuses on human resources.
uTraxx integrates your employees into the process through task management.
The integrated workflow engine supports automated processes.

Task Management

Employees are the most valuable resource in an enterprise. Because humans can solve complex tasks with creative intelligence. Task management takes this fact into consideration and promotes individual creativity.
This involves employees constructively, it creates collective intelligence.


Investment-intensive cost centers require planning that optimizes their usage. The combination of planning and task management gives you the best of both worlds. Problems are identified on time, measures can be taken before problems occur. This flexible approach goes way further than legacy workflow control systems.


All types of third-party services, such as customer and supplier systems, production plants or third-party applications can usually be connected. The goal for Industry 4.0 should be the highest possible integration, even if the integration steps are scheduled one by one over time.


The coordination of task control, scheduling and integration results in a holistic process control, that flexibly reflects the business model of the company. With accumulated data, process cost control becomes feasible, allowing future improvements even for areas that are not part of the added value chain.