uTraxx Service

How can you become even more successful in the new digital reality? uTraxx supports you on the path of digitization and helps you building your tailor-made system architecture.


uTraxx supports you developing a sustainable digital strategy. The integration of new digital technologies enables new ways, revolutionizes internal processes and integrates employees and customers alike. We help you finding your optimal, individual model.

System Integration

uTraxx applications adapt to your requirements and grow with you. Each solution has an individual structure and will smoothly integrate into your company. You decide to what degree uTraxx should support you in customizing.


Comprehensive training is an integral part of the project. It enables you to largely configure your own solution. For further technical support, a transparent ticketing system helps you in completing your tasks efficiently.


Maintenance is cloud-based. This includes the installation of software patches and updates as well as troubleshooting. With a maintenance contract, you are always up-to-date and you benefit from new functionalities and components.